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CP Operating Panel - CP4xx

  • Q: How many AC500 PLC as Modbus/TCP server can be connected to one CP400?

    A: Maximum 3 connections are allowed. Each connection can have 3 PLC's connected. This means maximum 9 PLC's can be connected to CP400 using Modbus/TCP.

  • Q: Does CP400Soft support Windows 7 64 bits?

    A: Yes, it supports Windows 7 64 bits from the version V1.3.0 Build 193.

  • Q: Which printers are supported for CP400?

    A: The supported printers can be chosen in the CP400Soft for Print Screen function. But CP400 only supports Print Alarm List function on HP PCL Printer driver. For example, HP Officejet Pro K5400.
    Please see attachment for details.

  • Q: In CP400Soft Tag Table, can I define the same group name for different connections?

    A: No, the group name must be unique in the whole Tag Table.

  • Q: How to set more Modbus RTU slaves in CP400Soft?

    A: Please see attachment.

  • Q: CP400 panel has communication with an AC500 via Modbus/TCP. But when more than one AC500's are connected the communication is lost.

    A: The AC500 creates a socket to build up the connection to CP400. If there is not data exchanged within a predefined time (OMB time), the socket will be closed and the connection breaks. If the CP400 has large size of programm or if certain action which needs much resources is acitve, there could be no data exchange within the OMB time. As a result, the connection breaks and there is no communication. To avoid that, the "OMB time" should be increased.

  • Q: What kind of printers can be connected to a CP430?

    A: Only printers with parallel interface. Types according to pulldown menu "Setup Workplace/Printer".

  • Q: How can I change the password of the CP4xx panel?

    A: To change the password you must use a pushbutton of type "Action" with the action "Password Tabel" in your project. The password is stored in the panel. Please see installation documentation chapter 7 for description of password handling. In chapter 4 you find the meaning of DIP-Switches 6 and 8 , which are relevant for password handling.

  • Q: The time to confirme an application download on the panel is to short. How can I download without somebody standing next to the panel?

    A: Change to the system menu of the panel before downloading from PC. Do this by powering on the panel with DIP-Switch 7 put to on, or use a pushbutton of type "Action" with the action "Goto System menu". To use this pushbutton you have to be in "User Level1".

  • Q: Can I use a AC500 for communication to several CP400 Panels?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: How to realize auto logout of the current user level if the panel has not been used for certain time?

    A: In menu "Application->Workstation setup", under label "Miscellaneous": check "Auto screen logout" and set the time. After the preset time, the panel switches into screen save mode and the user level is set to the lowest level (level 9).

  • Q: Are errors with Alarm Handling at CP410 possible?

    A: No, CP410 doesn't support Alarm Handling.

  • Q: How to ensure the operation of CP4xx Panel when one Modbus Slave cannot communicate and error messages appears.

    A: In menu "Application->Workstation setup", under label "Miscellaneous": Mark Checkbox "Hide communication error message".

  • Q: Error "Unable to load file. Unrecognized file or file is corrupted" at startup of CP400Soft.

    A: To start CP400Soft delete the project file that last was saved .V6F. This could happen with CP400Soft Version 1.0.3 Build 166 if you imported a new taglist without deleting the old one before. It´s not enough to use the dialoge "clear current tag table before import?". You must clear the tag table before you import a new list manually!
    This bug has been fixed in CP400Soft version 1.0.6 (Aug 2009)!

  • Q: How can I stop the "beep" on pressing any button?

    A: Go to the menu "Application\Workstation setup\Miscellaneous" and set the "Buzzer acting time" to zero.

  • Q: I have a continuous "beep" on CP400 when connected to the PLC.

    A: Check if the bit 7 of the CFR (command flag register) in the PLC is toggling. The CFR is the following word after the SNR (screen number register), defined in the menu "Application\Workstation setup\General" atr Adress of "Control block".

  • Q: Connection CP400 to AC500 via serial Modbus RTU not working.

    A: 1. Check cable TK405 or TK406: there are two diffrent sides, although the plugs are physically the same. Label "CP400" must be connected to Panel.
    2. Check communication settings in AC500: serial port must be adapted: operation mode "slave", Address must not be zero.
    3. Check communication settings in CP400Soft. The connection settings for AC500 must be the same as configured in AC500.
    4. Check DIP-Switch settings of CP4xx: Switch5 should be OFF, if communication settings from CP400Soft should be used. If not check that configuration in panel menu is the same than in AC500. Switch10, Switch11, Switch12 must be set according if you use RS422 or RS485.
    5. Check COM settings on CP4xx panel: the used COM-Port for connection to AC500 must be enabled and the settings must be the same as in AC500.

  • Q: How to program the buttons next to the touch screen?

    A: In menu: Application -> Slide-out Menu.

  • Q: Why can I not import a variable list from PLC to CP400 tag table (completely)?

    A: CP400 Soft (V1.0.3) does not support a variable which name has more than 32 characters. Please check this.

  • Q: CP415 driver not working correctly.

    A: In CP400 Soft V1.0.6 the CP415 is not installed correctly. Please update to CP400 Soft V1.0.6 Build 173.2 or newer version(you may download it under www.abb.com/plc).

  • Q: I have the CP400Soft Version 1.0.6 and want to select my CP430, but I don´t find it in the list.

    A: In CP400 Soft V1.0.6 the following Panels are not listed anymore: CP430 B-ETH CP430 C CP430 C-ETH. Please use CP400Soft Version 1.0.3 to configure those panels. In next version of CP400Soft those panels will be taken into the list again.

  • Q: Can I send the digital In-/Outputs from AC500 directly to a CP400 Panel?

    A: No, the ModBus communication of AC500 only is possible via the %M-area. Please see attached example of showing DI/DOs in CP400.

  • Q: Can I use CP400Soft Online-Simulation for eCo CPU?

    A: Yes. You may use the programming cable TK503 and choose MODBUS RTU for that purpose. Please also set the communication parameters and port in CP Simulator.

  • Q: How can I transfer program (application) between two CP400 panels?

    A: Please see attachment for details.

  • Q: How can I transfer program (application) from PC to CP400 panel via USB?

    A: Connect the USB cable from PC to CP4xx panel (USB Device) and switch on the power on the panel. The Windows Hardware-Wizard comes up. Select the following driver: C:\Program Files\CP400 Soft\v\USBDev.INF to install the USB-driver. Then select in CP400Soft under Options\Transmission Setup the PC Port: "USB".

  • Q: Has CP400 Web Server function?

    A: No.

  • Q: What is difference between Ethernet Download and Download Application?

    A: Download Application:
    To be found under menu: "Application-> Download Application". Ethernet, COM and USB port can be used with this method. Download starts without password but needs confirmation on the CP panel while there is application running on the panel. If the panel is in System Menu, download starts without confirmation (refer to FAQ item 37 for more information).
    Ethernet Download:
    To be found under menu: "Application-> Ethernet Download". It needs developer's password (level 0). Therefore the application should be downloaded once using Download Application before Ethernet Download can be used to activate your developer's password on CP panel. The download starts without any confirmation on the CP panel.
    The IP address for both methods should be set under menu "Options-> Transmission Setup" if Ethernet is used.

  • Q: Remote maintenance of CP400 possible?

    A: Yes. It is possible to use Ethernet for this purpose. In this case, depending on the network, VPN should possibly be used. As for serial modem, it is not possible.

  • Q: How to activate buzzer (continuous beep) on CP400?

    A: Please see attachment for details.

  • Q: In CP400Soft, I defined in Alarm Setup a target screen when alarm occurs. But in operation, I can not go to any other screens any more if the alarm is active.

    A: In this case, it is required to acknowledge the alarm. There are two methods to solve the problem:
    - Set ACK (Acknowledgement) to No in Alarm Setup.
    - Add an Action Button with action "Alarm Ack" to the target screen in order to acknowledge the alarm.

  • Q: I try to download the application via programming cable TK401, but I get the error: communication timeout.

    A: Check the following:
    1. is the CP400 panel in the system menu?
    2. is in the system menu (F2 confg) the "Download / Uplaod / Copy port" set to the port, where the programming cable is connected?

  • Q: How can I realize floating point variabels in CP400 and exchange with AC500?

    A: Please see attachment for details.

  • Q: Error while downloading Program: Model type not correct, e.g. "Required HMI model: CP430T-P, connected HMI model: CP430T-N".

    A: In "Application Properties->General->Panel/Workstation": choose variant "Ethernet" instead of "Standard".

  • Q: How can I control the graphic animation path by PLC?

    A: In CP400Soft, choose Object->Dynamic Graphic->Animated Graphic.
    For PLC controled, it needs 3 words.
    - First word is for the state(which bitmap should be displayed)
    - Second word is for the horizontal position (X value, in pixel)
    - third word is for the vertical position (Y value, in pixel)
    In attached example, the three numeric entry simulates the three words. For PLC control, please just replace the first word address(@0) into Modbus address of PLC(e.g. %MW0.0).

  • Q: PM572, PM573 not selectable as PLC in CP400Soft.

    A: In CP400Soft V1.10 the new ABB PLCs PM572 and PM573 are not selectable. Use PM571 instead of PM572 and use PM58x instead of PM573.

  • Q: How to activate the last used language when reboot the CP400 panel?

    A: Please see attachment.

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