Hanover Fair 2012 press kit

Press releases for Hanover Fair from April 23 to 27, 2012

Press Conference, April 23, 2012

"HVDC a key technology enabler. Shaping the evolving grid."
Presentation by Dr. Brice Koch, Head of Power Systems, Member ABB Group Executive Committee.

"Managing Europe’s energy transition. DC grids enable renewables at scale."
Presentation by Dr. Peter Terwiesch, Head of Region Central Europe.

Press releases

Convenient charging of electric cars
Electromobility gets a boost from new Terra SC chargers.

ABB’s PCS100 Energy Storage System (ESS) strengthens smart grids and helps create a sustainable environment
Wind and solar are increasingly being applied in grid and mico-grid applications but the power generated is variable creating application challenges and restrictions in use. ABB’s PCS100 Energy Storage System allows energy storage such as batteries and flywheels to be coupled to the grid.

ABB launches all new cabinet-built industrial drives and drive modules
ABB’s new ACS880 industrial drives are easily adaptable to suit different customer needs and integrate into various industry solutions. The drives are part of ABB’s new all-compatible drives portfolio that simplifies customer operation, optimizes energy efficiency and maximizes output.

ABB launches world's first range of IE4 induction motors
Super premium efficiency (IE4) motors deliver the highest efficiency and reliability, enabling motor users to optimize the cost of ownership.

ABB introduces equipment protection level markings on full range of low voltage Ex motors
Equipment protection levels (EPLs) mean greater flexibility for motor users.

ABB presents new condition monitoring and consulting services for motors and generators
Reliable testing and analysis, early diagnosis and targeted maintenance can improve availability and deliver major cost savings.

ABB introduces new Coriolis mass flowmeters
Compact, maintenance-free CoriolisMaster meters measure flow, density, temperature and concentration.

Technologies for Integrating Renewable Energies and Grid Expansion
From an innovative platform concept, to the most modern cable, to the vision of an HVDC grid.

New cable sealing end for 145 kV
At the Hanover Fair, ABB is exhibiting a new cable sealing end for a voltage rating of 145 kilovolts.

Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks for wind power
As the world’s leading manufacturer of capacitors, ABB supplies high-performance metal-enclosed capacitor banks for react. The EMPAC is particularly well suited for wind power facilities.

Metal-oxide lightning arresters: improved protection for railway facilities
At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing metal-oxide lightning arresters directly cast in silicone. They protect fixed installations and rolling stock in alternating-current (AC) and direct-current (DC) railway facilities.

ABBACUS: Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks for reactive compensation
For reactive compensation in medium-voltage networks, ABB is at the Hanover Fair showcasing its ABBACUS family of products: integrated system solutions with metal enclosed capacitor banks.

ABB showcases its new HVR-63 generator breaker
The HVR-63 generator breaker is a design enhancement of the field-proven HGI series of generator breakers. It is particularly well-suited for retrofit jobs in power plants with unit ratings of up to around 120.

Enhanced cost-efficiency for wind farms
The PASS M00 multifunctional modules from ABB offer numerous advantages to wind farm operators when it comes to grouping together turbine outputs in offshore three-phase networks, thus contributing towards enhanced cost-efficiency levels.

Medium voltage products for OEM customers
At the Hanover Fair, OEM customers can learn all they need to know about ABB’s range of medium-voltage products and components.

ABB showcases eco-friendly combined-transformer solution: the PVA 123
At the 2012 Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing its PVA 123 combined-transformer solution, which enables compactly dimensioned, cost-economical, footprint-minimized and eco-friendly transformer substations to be.

Safety second to none: UniGear ZS1 with an ultra-fast earthing switch
At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing the UniGear ZS1 air-insulated switchgear, supplemented by an ultra-fast earthing switch (UFES). A revolution in terms of proactive arc protection.

Expanded application options for the ZX0.2 gas-insulated substation
The ZX0.2 gas-insulated medium-voltage substations provide abundantly multifaceted options for their uses and cover a very broad spectrum of transformer configurations and bay installation patterns. The application range has now been extended up to 36 kV.

Air-insulated ZS8.4 substation links primary and secondary distribution levels
The ZS8.4 substation scores highly in terms of enhanced modularity, a sophisticated technical concept, and customized compliance with users’ individual requirements. Installing a short-circuit current limiter further increases the range of possible applications.

ABB launches new generation 420 kilovolt gas insulated switchgear
Compact design reduces volume by up to 33 percent and lowers environmental impact

ABB is exhibiting a comprehensive range of solutions for network automation
At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing numerous solutions themed around network automation – from intelligent secondary stations all the way through to complex substations in the transmission grid.

Smart Grids: SafePlus for requirements involving future secondary distribution
The requirements that substations on the secondary distribution level have to meet are undergoing significant changes. This is particularly true in regard to remote-controllability, automation and monitoring.

Stabilizing power grids with innovative battery storage solutions
Energy storage systems help to store renewable energies generated by wind and solar power. Moreover, they enable load peaks to be smoothed over or frequencies to be controlled.
At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing turnkey battery storage solutions for a broad spectrum of applications and rating levels.

Efficient, compact cooling for dry-type transformers
Transformers play a crucial role in power distribution. So the issue of operational dependability is of major significance. ABB is making an important contribution here with an innovative cooling system.


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